Welcome to GVSBC!

Green Valley Southern Baptist Church welcomes you to participate in our worship services, Bible studies, prayer meetings, fellowship meals, and other church activities.

Green Valley Southern Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, Ohio, was founded in 1970 and our church building was constructed in 1976.  We are a member of the Buckeye Central-Erie Baptist Association, the State Convention of Baptist in Ohio, and the Southern Baptist Convention.  We financially support Southern Baptist ministries and mission work in the United States and in other countries with a portion of our regular weekly offerings and through special mission offerings. We also support Knox County ministries including InterChurch Social Services and Starting Point Pregnancy Service.

Green Valley is a traditional conservative Bible believing Southern Baptist Church.  We have adopted as our doctrinal statement the Baptist Faith and Message (which was adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in June of 2000).  Copies of the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message are located on this site and/or available upon request.

Green Valley church membership is a prerequisite to serving in the elected positions of this church.  All church members have an equal voice in the business affairs of this church. Information pertaining to church membership is included in this pamphlet.  If you have questions about church membership or anything else, please consult with our pastor.